Latest News

The first book in the Second Avalon Series (number six) is well under way though the working title of Dangerous Waters has been changed. This is in response to the series being trully contemporary and a new story has been devised around current events. The remaining four other titles will probably be altered to suit too.

There is also a new series that is set around 690 AD and is set along the east coast of the Highlands. It is a story that follows life during the time of the Picts and the working title for the first book is 'Bethran - Seer of the Picts' and initially, there are three books planned. The first book is now finished and the cover artwork is being designed at this very moment.

The historical adventure story set just after the Battle of Culloden is still a work in progress but this will be now be realeased after the Pictish series.

The Titles

Though Peter is best known for his best-selling Avalon Series, there are other titles by him.

And still to come...