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Waterstones at Inverness have sold out of Caledonian Flame, but due to accounts office staff still not being at work, they are not re-ordering at the moment. There is no panic, however, as we have plenty of stock. Please order through this website.

The first book in the Second Avalon Series (number six) is almost finished, though the working title of Dangerous Waters has been changed. This is in response to the series being truly contemporary and a new story has been devised around current events. The title will be Plague Witch with Four and Twenty Virgins being book seven.
Book eight has a working title of To Catch A Selkie, but the last two books still have no title at this stage.
Obviously, things are quiet in the industry at the moment and so the launch date of Plague Witch is still unknown.

The first book of the Pictish based series is finished, and the cover artwork has been completed. The story is set around 690 AD and is based along the east coast of the Highlands. It is a story that follows life during the time of the Picts and the title for the first book is 'Bethran - Seer of the Picts' and initially, there are three books planned. There is still doubt about the launch date as the book industry has slowed due to the covid crisis.

The historical adventure story set just after the Battle of Culloden is still a work in progress but this will be now be released after the Pictish series.

The Titles

Though Peter is best known for his best-selling Avalon Series, there are other titles by him.