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About the Author

Peter Gray has been writing in various guises since he was twelve years old and he has never been able to stop. Many years before his introduction to a typewriter or a PC, his books and stories were hand written and some still survive, one of those found its way into paperback.
His first 'Sam Series' book "A Certain Summer" has had excellent reviews, one from TV presenter and ex England soccer coach Bob Wilson who grew up in the same area and could easily identify with the characters in the book. The sequel 'Sam's Kingdom' follows the further adventures of Sam but Peter has also produced a poetry book, 'With Feeling'. With many short stories, articles and celebrated Mummers Plays plus many touring productions under his belt. Peter is always busy writing something or other. He has also acted in and directed some of those productions and one such production played at Warwick Castle for six full seasons. He has also written several scripts for advertisements, mostly with a humorous theme as well as several live shows for the stage. He has now embarked on a series of books called 'The Avalon Series' of which more details can be found on this website. He now lives on the east coast of Caithness in the Highlands of Scotland.

His Personal life.
"So who wants to know?" is his usual answer to questions about his personal life. Does he have a dark secret? Is he on the run? There are many reasons he is 'tight lipped' about his past but the truth is he is so old he simply can't remember.
When asked about his age he just shrugs and says, "I can't count that many" but he does admit that he must be quite old as he doesn't recognise any of the coins in our currency.
When asked why he started writing he simply says that "the best liars make the best writers, that's what writing is, telling lies and I know how to tell a porky or two."
There was a similar answer to a question about what he does in his spare time, "I would have to lie about that, I couldn't possibly tell you the truth," and when we asked what was his greatest achievement he said, "lying about being a writer and then writing about it."

When his long suffering wife was asked about his personal life she said, "I'll write something down for you because he'll just tell you lies." So, is he just an old person who lies a great deal or is he lying about that too?

This is what his wife wrote about him:-
"His early years were influenced by his hatred of school and his love of nature but being an only child his perspective of the world was a fantasy of possibilities. This may have been the catalyst for his forging a relationship with his pen. As to previous jobs, if there's a name for it then he's probably done it at some time. He has many projects and interests too numerous to list here but he has a passion for aviation and takes to the air as often as he can, particularly in gliders."
There was a note written after this that said, "Who in their right mind flies in an aeroplane without an engine?"