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Currently, Peter has two novel series in print with a further series on the way. He also has a poetry book on the shelves that covers his work through the years.
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The Avalon Series

There are currently four books from the series in print, with 'Caledonian Flame' due out in October, 2019.

The Avalon Series.
Introducing Detective James Avalon in a story that follows him from his base in Wolverhampton to the Highlands of Scotland. Detective James Avalon is a man in turmoil. Both his private and professional life is at an all time low and to make things worse he is seen as a liability to his senior officers. He has to make a change in both aspects of his life, but how?
Though he is still on good terms with his ex wife she is beginning to despair with his lack of compromise in his life until a chance meeting with another officer shows promise of opening new doors to his future. A move from the West Midlands to the Highlands of Scotland on a secondment is all that it will take but Avalon is beginning to see himself as a fatally flawed character. Change is what he needs but is it too late? Avalon finds the northern air and the area of Inverness to his liking and a new area brings a new start but the crime wave and odd cases make life difficult again - can Avalon make a difference?

The Avalon Series follows Inverness's own Detective Avalon through changes and upheaval, through his metamorphosis to become an important asset in the Highlands of Scotland. These five best-selling titles are now available in paperback to purchase here on the sales page, or from Waterstones, Inverness.

The 'Sam' Series

There are two books in the series that are currently in print, 'A Certain Summer' and 'Sam's Kingdom, and though Peter has intimated that there is a third manuscript, there has been no release date set.

A Certain Summer.
Following the adventures of a boy called 'Sam' growing up in the Midlands through the 1960s, A Certain Summer sees Sam as a young boy with a charming innocence. His imagination and his friends are all he needs to bring life to witches, dragons and Zulus in his small kingdom. It is hilarious in parts but also sad and poignant with a very nostalgic theme running throughout. It was a time of a more gentle life with Steam Engines and buses with conductors.
The book is a collection of adventures - all true, but not in any ‘real world’ chronological order. The chapter are designed to allow the reader to see Sam growing up and the way that this affects his life.
The book flows from the ingenuous life of children growing up in the sixties to the hardships of working class morality. It is filled with gentle humour but is also spattered with an earthy, and sometimes 'gritty' narrative. The early chapters are concerned with his younger life from as early as seven years old and conclude with Sam in his early teens and experiencing some of the doubts and problems that come with the onset of puberty. The story leaves the reader with the consideration that there is much more to tell.

Sam's Kingdom.
The Sequel to 'A Certain Summer' follows the further adventures of Sam and his friends.
Sam is a little older and crossing that 'no mans land' from child to adult. He still looks back at his earlier life however and thinks about times when he was very young.
Just as hilarious as the first book, Sam's Kingdom continues to tell the story of a more gentle time, following the further adventures of Sam and his friends through those gentle years and into the rocky time of Sam's adolescence. Sam is curious to why things have to change, why can't his world stay the same? Adults seem to want to change things for the sake of it but Sam and his friends don't want that change - they want it as it is.
Sam looks back at his life to see how things have already effected his future and he sees that the older boys around him are moving on too, determined to try and outrun the pace of change he sets out on more hilarious adventures with his friends.
From a Day trip to Blackpool to the legendary 'Black Dog', Sam's adventures rekindle the nostalgia of the first book in this second volume.


With Feeling.
The two previous poetry e-books by Peter Gray, "A Fight With A Biro" and "Crossing The Millennium" have been combined into one handy paperback book. This book covers poetry by the author written over a thirty-four year period and includes some of his earliest and most recent work. Includes a broad selection of subjects and styles.
Illustrations by Gemma Crombleholme.

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Still To Come

Here are some of the books still to come.

Two New Series are on the way.

The Black Thistle Series.
A new series of books is to be started this winter with the 'Black Thistle' series. This is still a working title for the series and that could, and probably will, change.
The working title for the first book is now called 'The Sword of Culloden' with the second book being called 'The Cloud Warriors' but again these titles could change.
The books are described as 'Historical Adventure' and will be a mix of swash buckling adventurers, roguish mercenaries and lost fortunes set in an accurate, historical and political backdrop of the aftermath of Culloden.

The year is 1747, the place is a small town called Inverness. It is just over a year since the bloody battle at Culloden and yet Scotland is still burning, its people are still dying, still being ill-used and still being transported. One man who goes by the name of Andrew MacLellan is living in the inhospitable country around the town. He's waiting... he's waiting for something to happen, waiting for something he isn't even fully aware of, but it's coming nonetheless.

The Pict Kingdom.
Another new series has also been announced recently, once again an historical adventure but this time set in the 600s, in the land of the Picts. The story follows 'Bethran' The Seer of the Picts and is mainly set on the east coast of the Highands in the old Pictish Kingdom. The format isn't decided upon as yet but they will probably be shorter stories that link together over the series. More details to follow.