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Contacts Page

Peter loves to hear from readers and is more than happy to answer questions.
He is also available for talks and workshops - please include 'Talks' in the subject box on the form in your enquiry.
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Leave Some Love.

As an independent writer, Peter doesn't have the benefit of a literary agent or some big publishing house behind him though he has to swim in the same river as the big fish. That's why feedback is more important to Indie writers and it's why you can help by supporting ALL independent writers that you come across.

To put thing into perspective, imagine an independent writer launches his book to find out that the latest Harry Pottingshed book is new out. The Pottingshed book gets plastered over every book shop window, TV adverts, life-size posters everywhere and even on the radio, expensive advertising that the book doesn't even need. Everyone knows it's out anyway. Poor old 'Joe Indie' is lucky if the second-hand bookshop on the back street will put a poster up for him.

Independent writers write because they love to write, very few books even make a profit and some run at a great loss. We just love to tell you stories, like the fireside bards of our ancient past we want to stimulate your brain and entertain you.
It's a lonely life too, if a singer entertains you he can hear the applause, if a playwright entertains you he can sit in the audience and hear the reaction. Writers are never there when we entertain you, we can't hear the laughs, we can't see the tears, we never experience the applause.
So, please leave some feedback somewhere for every Indie writer, even if it's 'We love you'. You can guarantee, that independent writer will love you back.