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With the completion of the final book in the first Avalon Series complete, fans have been asking about a possible second series. It is now official, there will be a second series and it will be another five books. Most of the stories have titles and the first one has a working title of Dangerous Waters. The four other titles are not finalised as yet but as the covers are completed, the titles will be coming soon.

There is also a new series that is set around 690 AD and is set along the east coast of the Highlands. It is a story that follows life during the time of the Picts and the working titles for the first book is 'Bethran - Seer of the Picts' and initially, there are three books planned.

The historical adventure story set just after the Battle of Culloden is still a work in progress but this will be now be realeased after the Pictish series.

The Titles

Though Peter is best known for his best-selling Avalon Series, there are other titles by him.

And still to come...