In Production

What's to Come?

This page is where you can find out what Peter is working on and what might be planned in the future.


The first book in the Second Avalon Series (nuber six) is well under way though the working title of Dangerous Waters has been changed. This is in response to the series being trully contemporary and a new story has been devised around current events. The remaining four other titles will probably be altered to suit too. We are not sure when this book will reach the selves as the virus crisis is a complete unkown, the cover is being designed and we are hoping for an Autumn release.


This new series of a possible three books is set around 690 AD and is set along the east coast of the Highlands. It is a story that follows life during the time of the Picts and the working titles for the first book is 'Bethran - Seer of the Picts' and this first book is completed. This has been a massive project from a research point of view and includes all current knowledge and thinking on the Picts. Though it is accurate to all that we know of these enigmatic people, the text will of course be in English but based on a Pictish/Celtic framework.
There is no release date due to the virus crisis but the cover artwork has been designed and a graphic artist is working on this as we write.


Peter has announced that he is also working on another new series through this and next year but it isn't known when this will reach the bookshelves. The first series will be a run of two books initially with the stories being in the historical adventure genre, based in Scotland around the time of Culloden.
A working title for the series is 'The Black Thistle Series'.


This is a humurous serial that can be found elsewhere on the website.


'The Mine' has been considered as a full book for some time and the framework has begun for the extended story, there is also a file of notes called 'Mine Sequel' so it looks like it will certainly become a book at some stage.

The 'Harris' stories are also being considered as a stand-alone project but that is in the future due to Peter being busy writing for other people at the moment.

As stated above, the current global situation has put back all these projects and it is not known when any of them will be released or continued.